Laphroaig 10yo or Quarter Cask?

I haven't had whiskey in probably something like a decade. But I do remember that my tastes where in the more extreme smoky and peaty end of things. And back then it meant Laphroaig 10yo or Lagavulin 16yo. The Lagavulin is too expensive for now so it's Laphroaig. But which now that we have a Quarter Cask available also? 10yo or QC? Both are roughly the same price so which will give me the most hardcore hit of iodine, smoke, peat and all such lovelies?
Is peat in whisky not the equivalent of oak in wine, Saina?

I am of course being entirely useless in failing to answer your straightforward question, but at least I have forum tradition on my side there.
No? I thought excessive oak aromas in whiskey was the same as excessive oak aromas in wine? Though of course individual tolerances will matter more than anything we say online. So if you are as intolerant of peat as I am to new oak then your peat will be my new oak.
Alas, the QC wasn't available at the moment (I guess popular tastes align with this forum's) so I bought the 10yo. Reading the above I was ready for a disappointment but my goodness was this everything I ever wanted from a whiskey after a long break from them. Amateur warning here, so I approached it carefully. Sniffing at first with no added water: toffee and grass. Couple drops water and it opens up. Smells lovely but not so smoky as I hoped - the grassy scents are to the fore. Gladly the toffee scents retreat.

Wow. No surprise but yikes the alcohol is to the fore. I've been drinking wine and beer for so long that this was a bit of a shock. Once the initial shock of alcohol passes, it's actually a very pleasant sensation that is left on the palate: smoky and grassy but with also a very juicy/sweet feeling. The toffee scent I got before I added some drops of water was barely noticeable. So does that mean that the 40% version is best for me? Is the QC more toffeed? I'm kind of tempted to get that one too after next pay day just to compare.

Cliff notes: big change from what I usually drink but very interesting and enjoyable stuff.

Is this an ok type of glass, btw?

I'm late to this as well.

In my experience some whiskies, like the Laphroaig 10, can work well at 40%, while others, like the Bowmore 12, does not. In fact, the now discontinued Bowmore Small Batch, an NAS malt, was a more engaging then the Bowmore 12 even at the same 40%. All that aside, I much prefer expressions at 46% if not cask strength. I suppose the ultimate Laphroaig 10 would be their cask strength 10yo.

With regard to the Laphroaigs, if you want a bigger, bolder hit of peat and iodine then the 10yo is for you. This is not to say that the QC isn't good, and in fact I too like it a lot and if the bottles in my collection is an indicator I have three QCs, including one from over a decade ago.

Cheers ........................................ Mahmoud.
I also like Port Charlotte 10 yo. Decent level of complexity and nice presentation at 50% ABV, natural colour and not chill filtered either. They do good things at Bruichladdich in general.