Lefebvre Hopus

330ml bottle-conditioned 8.3%

Aroma is sweet, medicinal and lightly fruity

Taste is sweet, medicinal and a bit tart, becoming hoppier with light lemon and orange notes and some apple. Finish is drier with some tartness.

I picked this up in Bruges some time ago. I have never heard of the brewery. I think it is supposed to be an IPA. It is not really bitter or hoppy enough for that and seems more like a tripel. I quite liked it but would not rank it among the best Belgian beers of this strength.
Thanks for this, Alan. I'm not sure I've ever had it. I do come across it, now and then. It's always just expensive enough for me to pass over, though I am fond of this type of beer...Old world hops, blonde (pale) Belgian ale...I'm drinking my first Duvel (out of the proper glass, of course) for quite a while. I still think this is a magnificent beer. And I still consider it a hoppy one, too (but with a wonderful use of (pilsner) malt). It never seems to change!