Live Tasting! Love and Hate NEPA (7.2%)

Having just run 20 miles, I'm in need of a cold drink. Opening the can, I get a whiff of a not unexpected hop aroma. Yes, yes, a bit tropical (actually quite a bit of Um Bongo or perhaps tropical fruit juice), but for me it's also (or more) like very (over) ripe apple juice. And...the What the...unbelievable...perhaps like thick, overripe banana juice. Total, uncompromising murk, and a lovely thick creamy head. A bit darker than I expected. I like it. No discernible bitterness. Very smooth, almost thick texture, not too much carbonation. I'm afraid I can't describe the taste. It's certainly by far the best Vocation beer I've had, but, on reflection probably not the best beer to have after a long run in strong winds. Well worth the £3.00 asking price. Now I'm getting a little residual bitterness. This is extremely hoppy. Excellent, but looks disgusting.
I’ll take my hat off (or rather I would make a toast) to anyone who runs 20-miles and then heads straight for a thick 7.2% beer!

Our household has run its course on the NE hazy scene (a record 702 entries fought for the medals in three hazy categories at the Great American Beer Festival a few days ago) - my wife said quite bluntly last night that she was “sick” of hazy NEIPAs.

The Brut IPA is a different bird and we’re still on the fence with this one. I’m not sure how appealing I’m finding a light-bodied IPA with a touch of effervescence (hence the “Brut” in the name) with the trademark dry finish.

I’ve never been convinced that the IPA should be plagued with variances.
Thanks, Ian! It's actually become a habit now to drink after running...I can't remember how I felt after that one, but I probably went to bed soon after finishing the beer. Yes, you do seem to have drunk a lot of these IPAs. Do they all have similar hop flavours? I presume they are generally fairly close where the types of hops used are concerned. Interestingly, although I was impressed with the beer, I didn't rush back to stock up. I'm not sure why. Actually, I might be about to order some beer from Belgium, which I do prefer, and which, although there are a few about, have been swamped by all the new American style pales ales and IPAs arriving in the supermarkets.
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