Food Lockdown Loaves

Will, Martyns in Muswell gets deliveries of bread flour from time to time - I think also doing deliveries to home, though not sure if they go so far into the swamp of N8. Maybe worth a bell to see if they can fix your jones.

This morning’s loaf. New slashing technique courtesy of Will “Swashbuckler” Devize.

Normal process is to autolyse at around 6-7pm. Add yeast at around the hour mark, a few stretch and folds throughout the evening, drop the dough into the cellar at 13C before I go to bed at around 11:00-11:30 or so. Pull out of cellar in the morning, pre-shape around 9:00 or so for around half an hour and into the proofing basket for around 30 minutes before baking.

Last night I awoke at 2:45 in a panic and raced downstairs to put this into the cellar after leaving it on the kitchen counter. Needn’t have been flustered. All seems perfectly normal, in line with Blachian Theory.....
Looks like a great loaf! I still think delaying the addition of yeast or salt is more a theoretical advantage than a practical one, but it's as hard to prove such things as it is to prove objective facts about wine.
Perhaps we will be buying our flour en primeur from now on.
Challenge accepted Tom. Next loaf will have yeast starter added at the same time as the water.

I started adding the salt to the water and flour mixture at the beginning of the autolyse a couple of loaves back (mainly because I kept forgetting to add it until I’d already started the stretch and folds and it was annoying having to knead the loaf to try and incorporate it at that point). No discernible difference in the result. Also accords with Blachian Theory.
Our friend is staying with us for the duration as we have a garden and she has a 3 yr old and a one bedroom flat - today as she's away from her usual Friday haunt she has for the first time attempted to make Challah, which apparently is a traditional Jewish bread usually baked and eaten on a Friday. Photos to follow...