Malaysian "Brandy"

What should I expect from this Louis Martin "Super Hero" VSOP. Its made in Malaysia and they call it a "compounded hard liquor". Better from a flask on a cold winter day or as a cough syrup?

Malaysian Brandy.jpg

Cheers ................... Mahmoud.
With the winter chill upon us here in Canada it was time to give this experiment a try. I assume that the caramel gold colour has been added and if it is indeed caramel it shows on the nose. Sweet and caramel infused, not surprisingly the nose offers not much more than that. The spirit presence is mild. It could even be a rum. The palate is pretty much the same. Drier than the nose but effectively the same, with a mild soft bite. Not bad if only because it isn't coarse and spirity which is what I expected.

But for the VSOP on the label I would have said it was a simple rum.