Modern Times Brewing Festival of Dankness

41BD816B-C527-42AE-B877-67F3963CDA39.jpeg 9D408DF1-CE7E-4ACA-AFB8-A16096BF568A.jpeg Last month's Modern Times Brewing Festival of Dankness in San Diego was one of the highlights of the summer west coast beer scene. Sixty-three breweries with fabulous representation from the east coast, spearheaded by Finback Brewing, from New York. Finback's offerings included Aqua Dementia (8.8%), a first-class double-hazy IPA brewed in collaboration with Norwegian rebels, To Øl.

Finback will also be represented at the Independent Manchester Beer Convention at the Victoria Baths from October 3rd to October 6th 2019.

Speaking of Manchester, Cloudwater were represented (again) at the Festival of Dankness with a selection of hazy IPA's. They've done several collaborations with US breweries and have turned out some solid IPA's. I only recently discovered that Cloudwater have somewhat turned their backs on Real Ale, which explains their frequent collaborations with breweries over here - It's all about the haze!

This was the first festival where we didn't taste anything from the Californian contingent. The lines were a mile long to taste Cali beers, so we stuck to beers from Arizona, Virginia and New York...a much better arrangement!