Modern Times Infinity Beach IPA (7.2%) - brewed with grapefruit zest and Brettanomyces yeast.

On tap served in an 8oz tulip glass at Stone Liberty Station in San Diego.

There was potential "Trooble at Mill" with this one as I've previously had allergic reactions to Brett and I have to avoid grapefruit due to being on statins for my ever-escalating cholesterol. Still, I took a good look at Stone's beer menu, then looked at the "guest" beer menu and Infinity Beach just stood out - it had to be. Plus, Modern Times had become a new favourite of ours, initially through their Saisons but later with their IPAs and Stouts too.

Infinity Beach poured a cloudy orange in the glass with a light grapefruit nose, which didn't really give any clues as to the upcoming flavours. First taste impressions were of tangerines, bitter lemon, tangy yeast, lime marmalade and zesty grapefruit with some hoppy notes back in the mix.

Palate-wise there was a tingly, tight carbonation in a lightish body which lasted right through to a yeasty, tart and sour finish accompanied with more lime and a reprise of grapefruit. Any hop bitterness was lost in the sour notes.

This beer was complex, bright and delicious - clearly more of an IPA-hybrid than anything else, but easily one of the best Brett beers I've ever had. And one glass soon turned into two, as I decided against taking my cholesterol meds for a night.