More Belgian beer in Lidl

There are now four-packs of different Corsendonk beers (four of the same beers in each pack) for £6.99. But best value are the boxes of six different Petrus beers (3 of their sour beers and 3 of their 'tradition' beers) for £7.99, including their Aged Pale (7.3%), Aged Red (made with cherries, 8.5%), Tripel (8%) and Rood Bruin (5.5%). At £1.33 a bottle, fantastic value. The usual box of Gulden Draak, Piraat etc. has appeared again for £10.99. They all seem to be disappearing, though...
[Bump] - I saw three types of Corsendonk, and the regular Belgian ale "variety pack" in Lidl yesterday. There seemed to be plenty of stock (in Leatherhead, at least...) - good value if you are running low on Belgian ale, though I note also that Duvel Tripel Hop seems to be available quite regularly in Tesco these days, along with regular Duvel of course and Vedett (I bought a few of these to try them out)