NWR Mushroom thread 2022

I've searched for a thread on mushrooms for 2022 but didn't find it.... And so far I've found no 2022 mushrooms in the locality. First time ever. So no thread or mushrooms! I'll try the shrooms again this weekend. Anyone else had any luck in the dry weather?
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I got some chicken of the woods in May, but that's been it so far this year. I haven't seen anything locally since then. This year could either be a washout, or potentially very good as the rain, when it comes, generates a big flush.
Checked out a couple of patches last Saturday (one for winter chanterelles, as mentioned, one for ceps). No luck. A bit dry at the moment. I might join a bunch of mushroom enthusiasts nearby on Sunday (the first Sunday of September is our nation-wide Mushroom Day), but I fear it'll be too dry.
Oudemansiella mucida - porcelain fungus. Have heard reports of ceps popping up in Kent and Hampshire in decent quantities but haven't been able to make it out...
Some wonderful, fresh porcini at Oswalds for dinner last night reminded me that mushrooms really are utterly glorious food in all their various forms. Still prefer girolles above all else but fresh porcini definitely second. Shame you can't buy them anywhere in the UK!