Nøgne Ø Saison 6.5%

On a rare trip to Tesco to stock up on Fuller's 1845 I spotted these beauties reduced from £2.20 to 90p a bottle. Never one to pass up a bargain or to try something new I loaded up the trolley.

I've taken a liking to Saison beers of late after several trips to France in early Autumn and find Saison an worthy antidote to those highly hopped IPAs that have become the trend.

It pours an orangey colour with a fizzy head, bottle conditioned with a cloudy appearance, massive citrus, some honey sweetness and floral aroma. Delicious - I wish I'd cleared the shelf.


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I agree! I think this is a fine beer, but I thought it had disappeared from Tesco a while ago (I never bothered with it). I got mine when they were reduced to clear from M&S. I really liked it, quite a subtle beer, I thought, but very well done, and the ones I got had soft carbonation which I loved. I seem to recall thinking that was the best beer I had last year, or at least one of the best...I can't remember. You were obviously distracted from noticing that the Fullers 1845 has been reduced to £1.14!
Whilst I'm not a fan normally of bitter beers, Saison seems to be a style which I like a lot, and this is one of the best I think, despite it being a long way from its homeland. Farcically drinkable for a beer with that level of character / strength!

Notes the 1845 discount...;)
You were obviously distracted from noticing that the Fullers 1845 has been reduced to £1.14!

That's a ridiculous price for 1845. If I'd paid that I would've had to recompense by buying more Fuller's Imperial Stout at £8 a bottle!

Also in the bargain basement at Tesco was Redwell Kofra Stout at 74p for a 33cl can and Nøgne Pale ale at £1.03.

Sigmund Melberg

My TN of Nøgne Ø Saison, when the beer was new on the market: 500 ml bottle, courtesy of "Venner av Nøgne Ø". Like all NØ beers bottle conditioned. Pours (or rather: gushes out of the bottle) with a large white head, the beer is hazy pale golden. Very nice fruity (citrus, green apples) and yeasty aroma, hints of spices, oak, leather and barnyard. The flavour is moderately sweet with a distinct spiciness and decent hops. Shouldn’t a saison have slightly more acidity? After a light and refreshing start there is a solid wormwood-like bitterness in the finish, not unlike Saison Dupont.
That's interesting, it's only in 330ml now, it seems...Unfortunately I don't think it was too popular in Tesco and M&S, as it wasn't around for that long...
Also in the bargain basement at Tesco was Redwell Kofra Stout at 74p for a 33cl can.

Brewed in my village!

FWIW I do struggle with their beers, as they are (in the modern way) heavily hopped and this with the touch of dissolved gas, pushes it away from my preferences. Others I'm sure will love the beers for the same reason I struggle with them. I'm guessing the 'Kofra' links them to the wonderful coffee shop of that name in the city, who also stock very interesting beers, natural wines, spirits etc. Some really interesting buying, allied to a really happy team who run it. A favourite stop on the Saturdays where I cycle into the city and graze the interesting little shops.

Despite not really liking the beers, credit to Redwell for organising events like the recent 'Art boot' (an arts and crafts market + bands + food) and Porkstock, a celebration of the meat of the pig.