Napa Cabernet Suggestions

Have tried the Stony Hill and can recommend. Certainly more sedate and refined than the average, and for Napa Cab fairly priced. Domaine Mount Eden are good too. Napanook now above 300/6 which seems like too much, the third wine, Othello isn't a good substitute. Entry levels from Phelps etc often underwhelm for the money imho. Smith Madrone is pretty good, I can't personally get on with Matthiason but I can see why others might.
Thanks Robbie.

Looking at some Paso Robles wines too. Just started Oz & James May's big wine adventure in the US. L'Aventure looks an interesting winery.
Paso Robles tends to be very punchy. L’Aventure I tried some earlier vintages and were quite hot, I do have some later vintages that will be better. Dauo do some decent stuff and Epoch aren’t priced too bad. They need some age and coincidentally I’ve just had a bottle of the 14 authenticity delivered.
Nice to have a mix of styles though I’ve got far too good a relationship with my main US supplier and maybe have too much, but that’s happening across the board.
Never tried this but if it’s anything like their Chardonnay in style it’ll be wonderfully non-Napa. No oak, no malo, almost no alcohol! It’s like one big “screw you” to all the neighbours…
Not tried them. Sounds a little like a fair few sonoma coast types I’ve bought. 12.5-13.5 % on chard and pinot in particular.