National Pizza Day!

As my wife reminds me that I have the palate of "an eight-year-old", I thought it appropriate that myself and like-minded pals celebrate National Pizza Day on Wednesday.

We went to Little Miss Brewing Co, which is just up the road. It's an all-female owned brewery that not only survived COVID-19, but actually opened new taprooms. They have an unusual theme in that each taproom is dedicated to a World War II ally. The one near us is devoted to Poland, where Polish flags and wartime posters adorn the walls. The glass bartop sits on used bullet shells. It's a bit odd to put it mildly. Their taproom close to downtown San Diego is devoted to WWII UK.

That said, their pizza kitchen is off the rails, producing the best pizza I've ever had; served "Detroit-style", which is similar to Chicago deep dish, but much more creamy and fluffy. Amazing!

To go with the pizza, I had a couple of pints of their Weapon-X Hazy IPA (7.2%), which was as good as the food - With Loral, Simcoe, Nugget, El Dorado and Centennial hops, this was smooth, resinous and piney, with apricot-like fruity notes. The perfect accompaniment to NPD!20220210_190835.jpg