NEIPA, Brut IPA, and Blueberry and Waffle Stout in Tesco

Yes, it's happened, and the craft 440ml cans have arrived. Vocation, Vocation and Yeastie Boys collaboration, even Fourpure Juice Box is available. What else? Jaipur canned (pack of four £6.00), Pilsner Urquell canned, lots of others. I haven't tasted them, but the craft 440ml cans are supposed to be very good quality and at £3.00 each, vastly cheaper than the prices charged in beer shops. I'm about to try the Jaipur, canned just over a week ago!
Today I bought a can of Vocation's Love and Hate NEPA (7.2%). Made with Vermont yeast, Citra and Galaxy hops, and 'super pale malt' and oats, and 440ml. That's quite a lot of strong beer...