TN New INFO from my friend Michael Kalam. 100% Merwah from Lebanon.

16 April at 20:59 ·
A very exciting moment tonight. Was given a sample bottle of Lebanon's first serious Merwah varietal by Chateau Ksara, the winery that laid foundations of the country's modern wine industry back in 1857. The Jesuits who pioneered those wines would have been very familiar with the Merwah, a grape that in winemaker James Palge's hands delivers luscious complexity, wonderful "fat", amazing acidity and generous flavours of stone fruit and white flowers with a hint of biscuit. Truly outstanding! Fans of Chateau Musar will know Merwah as one half the winery's esoteric white where it is blended with the Obeideh, but Chateau Ksara has boldly reached into its history (and Lebanon's terroir) and championed this deeply profound grape. Hopefully, it can do for Lebanon what Santorini's Assyrtiko has done for Greece. Nice label too!

Sounds lovely Hisham, thanks for the note and picture. No Ksara in my part of Canada unfortunately, just ambitiously priced Musar. Do you think this wine might be available in Paris?

Cheers ................. Mahmoud.