Food North London Eating Thread...let's give it a go

Admittedly I am a little biased as a longstanding resident but what a great thread!

To the excellent suggestions above I would add:

Kjot and Eldur (long-ish term pop-up at Brave Sir Robin on Crouch Hill).

Traiteur also on Crouch Hill - the classical French-influenced food is wonderful but it's never more than half full so not exactly a buzzing atmosphere. They have a catering business with the restaurant serving as a shop window. Very reasonable corkage and the chef Dharam is a lovely bloke who likes his Burgundy.

Gilly's Fry Bar - "Northern chippy meets tempura bar". I love this place and report with great regret that they are relocating to Soho.

Jai Krishna on Stroud Green Road - Indian veggie restaurant serving classics such as masala dosa and daal makhani. Ridiculously cheap food and free BYO although glasses provided are of the Duralex variety. Always full so booking is advised.

My Cottage Cafe - the best (and only?) decent Lebanese restaurant in North London. Right next to Park Theatre.

Max's Sandwich Shop on Crouch Hill - magnum sized sandwiches, decadent spuds, beer, more beer. Clients range from hipster foodies to discerning pissed post-pub revellers.

Walnut dining - casual all day place run by Emma who is an Angela Hartnett protégé. The focus is on simple dishes served with the best seasonal produce. There is a cracking Franciacorta on the list that makes a mockery of its £38 price tag.

Osteria Tufo - The food is traditional and beautifully presented. It reminds me of the place in Godfather 1 where Michael whacks Sollozzo and the bent copper although I've yet to witness a mob hit in there but admittedly I've only been 4 times.
Excellent, Will, thanks. I think the very well lubricated owner of Max's was in Hodgepodge the other day, post footie euphoria perhaps or maybe excess pride.

I know Craig has his eye on Traiteur so good to know - maybe an off-site venue if sensible corkage rates.
Enjoy the Osteria a couple of times though one does have to like good southern Italian tomato sauce. Will check the toilets for throw down pistols next time.
I'm not sure if Dotori, Korean by F Park station has had a mention yet.
Good to have more reasons to get on the W7.
Altogether some excellent new additions. Thanks for the update Will, I am a regular at the Park and normally end up at Osteria Tufo as place of choice. Had not really looked at My Cottage as it just seemed a little unsure about what it was, just goes to show how looks can be deceiving so will have to give it a go. I also didn't realise that you were a local of this parish, will have to get you round with the other locals for some cellar forays!
I've never been able to get into Dotori as the queues are usually painfully long. Have heard it is top notch though.

Traiteur would be a good spot for an offline and I would guess that Dharam would be receptive. Corkage is usually a tenner.

Craig - yes I agree that My Cottage looks totally unassuming and could do with a bit more presence on the street. It's amazing how many people regularly attend Park Theatre and have no idea what's next door. And yes, I am well positioned within easy staggering distance for cellar forays!
I visited Westerns Laundry last night, which wasn't great.

6 dishes between 3, tiny tiny portions. The Oysters & Ham Hock croquettes were great, the John Dory was good but everything else was downright poor. Definitely not recommended. I did thing the wine list was pretty interesting though.
That is a real shame Will, I have only been a couple of times, once as an offline with a number of members from this Parish and we had a delectable selection. That was back last December, but it sounds like you had an off night, although portion size not really a challenge previously.
Had a great weekend of local north London eating this weekend: Friday dinner at Farang, which was excellent as always (other than not bringing on labour for my wife, who is 8 days overdue and was hoping for a kick start!), Saturday morning brunch at Black Axe Mangal (the smoked cods roe flatbread was as good as I have ever had it) and then a really top notch pizza at Zia Lucia on Holloway Road Saturday night. That was after trying but failing to get into Sambal Shiok after a rave review by Grace Dent in Saturday's Guardian. She had some good things to say about our area:

"The two square north-westerly miles surrounding Sambal Shiok, taking in Holloway, Highbury and the Archway borders, have, to me, become one of the most fortuitous areas in Britain to find dinner. Although guide books will cajole tourists to the West End or Hackney, there is something magical about the hungry queue at Zia Lucia, the jubilance of a packed Westerns Laundry, the chic plates of pasta at Trullo and the blissful shanxi noodles at Xi’an Impression. This is an area where family dining truly thrives."

I must say I feel pretty lucky to live around here!
My brother recommended this place to us recently. Then took my Mum (who's orginally from India). They seemed to think it excellent, although the manager is a bit enthusiastic and hates to turn people away, so the place can get rather crowded. Maybe turn up early if you go. Apparently quite authentic Indian (although the menu looks like the usual British Indian) with a high level of spicing.... We've not been yet, but thought I'd pass on the recommendation.

Sitara indian restaurant London Holloway Road
V negative review of Westerns Laundry in the FT this morning with the negativity based only on the natural wine list, not the food which is described as ‘great’.

‘There is no honest way I can recommend Westerns Laundry to a general diner. It’ll be great if you are a member of the natural wine which case best of luck to you...or if your idea of a fun night out is to sit passively while your tedious bourgeois preconceptions are forcibly challenged’

‘But what made this my worst and angriest restaurant experience of the year is that the food was great’
[QUOTE="That was after trying but failing to get into Sambal Shiok after a rave review by Grace Dent in Saturday's Guardian.[/QUOTE]

It also had a great review by Giles Coren (for the Laksa) and I have been meaning to try it. Has anyone been?
[QUOTE="That was after trying but failing to get into Sambal Shiok after a rave review by Grace Dent in Saturday's Guardian.

It also had a great review by Giles Coren (for the Laksa) and I have been meaning to try it. Has anyone been?[/QUOTE]
Would like to know, we would kill for a good laksa. Whenever we stop in Singapore or KL, first order of business.
Anyone got a recommendation for somewhere for a vaguely stylish Sunday Lunch in North London/Hertfordshire?

Either foodie pub or restaurant, less than £40/head (exc. wine)

Would have gone to Fredericks if they were open, but they're not...
My vote would be for Trullo near Highbury Corner - I think it is stylish but not in the Fredericks style if that is what you are looking for. Moro great too but again much more informal than Fredericks
My vote would be for Trullo near Highbury Corner - I think it is stylish but not in the Fredericks style if that is what you are looking for. Moro great too but again much more informal than Fredericks
Suspect Trullo, which is a firm favourite, would be full of Tristrams in linen spouting Sunday supplement truisms at each other...and probably booked, the bastards! Alex, has Odette's lost it for you?
Couple of updates, sure I'll remember others shortly:
Mimi's Cafe - new gaff on Fortis Green in N10, opened a few weeks before Christmas. Went on a Thursday night and had very good meal (BYO at a tenner) but rather concerned at the lack of clientele, would be a shame if Muswell yet again lost an eaterie trying to go slightly more upmarket from the run of 'family' restaurants. Tasty gravadlax, amongst solid starters, generous plump mussels and excellent sea-bass main courses and home made cakes. Untitled | A French & Mediterranean inspired Café & Bistro serving fresh seasonal dishes, found in Muswell Hill.
Le Ferme, in Primrose Hill just down the road from Odette's. Didn't do much home work on this, just went after Roundhouse outing. Very French, reviews say bistro style but we thought the cooking was a notch above that - very nice sort of deconstructed onion soup, good pressed shoulder of lamb, nice frissee salad and generous cheese plate within set menu for £25, short French wine list, perhaps a bit on the cheeky side, had a decent Fleurie for about £35 and very generous pour of Deutz bubbles. Francois, the manager, very open to discussion of off-lines especially first half of any week, happy to discuss menu options to match wines etc. Not a huge space, I guess about 10 for offline would be a sensible limit. Would certainly go back if nearby.
Another update. Stella's Room, couple of doors down from Prohibition/Jeroboams in Muswell. Very pleasant couple from Poland (him Alex, her Alex...confusing) have taken over old Feast location, they used to run an Italian in West Hampstead. Mainly open daytime nowadays but just starting to open some evenings. Quite simple layout, fairly shortish menu but had excellent rib-sticking artichoke soup and parsnip & garlic soup, then stupendous home made pies - big proper pies, mine was duck & venison with rich gravy, herself excellent chicken and mushroom. Daughter had soup then chicken Caesar salad and side of chips. Total food bill for 3 about £50. I asked about BYO - they hadn't really formed a view so let us take a bottle of bubbles for no charge though we left a bigger tip to thank them. There is a short wine list, about 5 of each colour but didn't really analyse. We shall return for those pies, no question. Don't seem to have a website yet but FB page has links
46 Fortis Green Rd, London N10 3HN
Phone: 07789 250612
Wafted the wife and myself to Perilla, on Newington Green which I think can count as Norf London though dangerously close to hipster-land. Well worth the detour. Shortish menu which they change frequently, plus tasting menu for £44 which we felt worth trying - and it was. Quite eclectic - burnt onion soup, skate, shoulder of lamb, mixed desserts, plus some fun nibbles to start with including a tiny dish of genius, bread soaked in moules mariniere juice. Wine list is pretty decent if not long with a nice selection of stuff by the 500ml carafe. Had an orange macerado from Rioja, an Esperao Alentejo Reserva carafe and glass of Mondo Barbera and Riesling Auslese (sorry, details foggy, madam had glass of Sauternes). They also have the likes of Tondonia Reserva 2005 and Brundlmayer GV on the list so can head quite upmarket if you fancy. Staff very attentive though note they do look to turn some of the tables so early diners may be on a 2 hour slot. Decor is quite open and utilitarian, nice buzz, suspect full of achingly au point folk at the weekend but would happily return. Total damage about £180 for two including decent amount of liquid taken.