NWR: Mailchimp or?

Any thoughts on Mailchimp or alternates, looking at a simple tool to send out a couple of emails a month, not for a huge database of contacts (currently zero, likely 1000 or so max).
Mailchimp probably the easiest to get on board with. Mailerlite are decent too, as are Aweber. Some people like Constant Contact. Vertical Response are also alright.

Much of a muchness at this level until you start getting into serious volumes in which case you should go with Sendy + AWS SES.

If you're connecting to a CRM, ERP, Ecomm platform or some other productivity tool then it's often best to go with whatever links up best.

Check your emails on mail-tester.com before you send them. Once you get on the wrong side of the big mail provider's opinion, it can be incredibly difficult to get back on the right side.

Tom Cannavan

I use Mailerlite, mainly because it offers a really competitive price for 20k subscribers. Not perfect but delivery rate seems good, subscriber handling is powerful, comes with wisywig editor and templates, integrated sign-up forms for your web site (widgets) and a one-off annual fee is much less than mailchimp and others for the volume. I think it starts free for mailing < 1000 people (or used to)
Mailchimp is easy and scalable. We used to use it for montly mailings to about 10k addresses, before we moved everything to Salesforce and the filthy, unmanageable beast that is Salesforce Marketing Cloud.