Oddities Space on Friday

Due to someone dropping out late in the day we have one spare place for lunch at Rochelle Canteen on Friday (12th) (there are still two reserves I've been unable to contact but at this stage I'm putting it out to anyone who would like to come in the hope of filling that seat - apologies Alistair and Simon for not waiting longer).

All the details are on the thread on the Offline Planner (top post), but it's 12.15 for a prompt 12.30 start, and as we do the wines blind you just need to tell me what kind of wine it is (red, dry, full-bodied etc) so I can produce a running order.

If you've not been before, "Odd" just really means interesting. We've had plenty of slightly offbeat wines from major regions along with the usual (and always enjoyable) esoteric offerings. There is no theme, and we will be dining from the menu, not a set meal. Cost will be £50-60 including corkage. Please read the top post of the thread carefully for directions, info on glasses etc.

Please let me know if you have any allergies. Vegetarians and pescatarians seems ably catered for.
Nigel, I do apologise. Alistair bagged the space on the Offline Planner at 8.41 and for this lunch at this late stage we can't go over 12, the restaurant having confirmed final numbers with me. I'm sorry to disappoint you.