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Having pretty much exhausted the local beer shops in town I thought about ordering online to get access to a broader range. Has anyone got any pointers as to good merchants offering reliable delivery? Those with a good range of German beers would be ideal. I've seen what look like a few good places online but thought I'd ask the experts.

Beers of Europe.
Local enough to us (30 mins drive), but do deliver nationwide. The selection is vast, but as you browse the site, think of us in our annual trip pushing a supermarket trolley down 3 very long aisles in what is a very sizeable warehouse. It is the proverbial 'candy shop' with plenty of glasses to buy as well. It's definitely worth a trip if you're ever down this way.

I've also used and I recall the order was well-packaged and they'd priced the Schneider-weisse Mein Porter in the Tap X range very competitively

Beers of Europe have by far the biggest selection (with good prices as well), and I've used them a few times. I'm actually waiting for an order from Beermerchants who I used because they have the cheapest Orval. I only seem to buy Belgian beer online, so I'm not sure about German beer...but Beers of Europe is probably a good place to start. Prices vary widely so it's worth looking around...Some places might be fairly expensive but sell certain beers cheaply or have offers on. Postage, I think, is usually between seven and eight pounds (my order was £6.75). Some might not have a big selection but do have good beers at cheap prices. I wonder if Ian bothers to shop anywhere else...That's too much choice to have nearby.
Hi David
Yes it is quite daunting walking down those aisles - arguably too much choice! It's always good to shop around though, and there is so much good, interesting beer around.
Thanks Both, Beers of Europe was top of my list before I posed the question. I've family in North Norfolk so we go every time we visit. It's an amazing place. I will have a look at Beermerchants.
There are many others. I've only used Beerritz (based in Yorkshire) once years ago, but the service was excellent, they have some great beers. They have a good reputation, so you should look at their website. Others, about which I know little, include Beerhawk and Alesbymail. But they might be worth a look. Some newer online shops might concentrate on newer more fashionable British and American brewers rather than continental classics...
Beerritz are good. I have visited them and bought beer on line and I can recommend them. I find it ironic that you can sometimes get beers online from the big suppliers that are not available from the websites of the breweries themselves.

I have visited Beers of Europe a few times. The problem is that there is simply too much choice.

My nearest local supplier in St Neots has a very good supply these days. There is one in St Ives that is good for Belgian beer. Also I am not too far from Cambridge, where there are some very good smaller suppliers. With this and the increasing choice in supermarkets I rarely shop online these days.
Used Beermerchants in the end, well priced for what I wanted, £7 delivery for 24 bottles which still meant the beers were well priced compared to local shops. Arrived next day (Kent to Edinburgh) delivery in excellent packaging. Will use again.
No delivery or online presence but if you ever find yourself in Birmingham please check out Cotteridge wines. Awesome selection and very fair prices eg rule of thirds and cannonball at £2.25 a can.
Uh-oh, beginning to tire of supermarket 'craft' beer (which is almost all I've been drinking recently), I put an order through direct to Belgium. I think I've mentioned it before, but these are the cheapest beer prices for beer bought from England: Westmalle Tripel (9.5%), £1.92; La Trappe Quadrupel (10%), £2.00; St Bernardus Abt12 (10%), £2.00; Kapittel Abt (10%), £1.75; Kapittel Prior (9%), £1.67; Hopsjinoor (8%), £2.05; Omer Traditional (8%), £1.75. These prices fluctuate, but they have recently got cheaper (I noticed they have gone up a bit since I put the order in).
These prices are cheaper than you can get them in Belgian beer shops. Is there much of a delivery charge? What are they asking for Cantillon? This seems to have become very expensive.
I think it's eight pounds-thirty something, not much more than Beers of Europe (90p?), so they are still the cheapest prices for these beers that you'll get here...The Cantillon Gueuze seems expensive, £19.21, for 750ml (looks like you right)! But for most of the beers the prices are fantastic. La Trappe Quadrupel for £2.00! Westmalle Tripel, £1.92! When you think how expensive beer is getting in specialist shops...
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