Petrus Dubbel and Corsendonk Pater Dubbel in Lidl

Petrus Dubbel (6.5%), £4.99 for a pack of four; Corsendonk Pater Dubbel (6.5%), £5.99 for a pack of four. This might only be in larger branches, but excellent value for money. This supermarket seems to be one of the few not neglecting Belgian beer...
I'm so torn with supermarkets and beer.

On the upside
- Selections are quite decent these days, though still never going to be as interesting as a small independent beer shop
- Prices can be stupidly low (as illustrated above). I'd be tempted by the Petrus dubbel at £1.25 a bottle.
- They will probably discount if approaching BB date - which is fine as many beers are just as good if not better after this date
- There aren't that many independent beer shops, though over here we usually have 2-3 within a short drive, plus 30 mins from the 'Daddy' of all beer shops. Thus it's also ultra convenient.

On the downside
- There won't be the same loyalty to a label you might get with the local beer shop. Even if selling well, they will discontinue the line if they can't get it cheap
- Supermarkets squeeze / crush the smaller producers. True across the whole spectrum of produce. The producer may be struggling to get by if they have to sell to the supermarkets
- The ranges may be much improved and competitively priced, but that's because the supermarkets are competing with each other. As some drop out of stocking more specialist beers, expect a drop off in range and/or increase in price.
- Linked to the above, I don't trust the b*ggers o_O
Well, all I can say is that I'm going to go back and try to get some more...The Petrus beer surprised me. Very smooth and sweet (in a good way). A lovely prune taste, with a hint of fortified wine, nicely carbonated. A good quality beer. The Corsendonk beer is a bit edgier (more sophisticated?), thinner, perhaps, with a higher level of carbonation and a touch of sourness, and a bit earthy, bottle conditioned. Both are very nice, good quality beers, but I think I prefer the Petrus beer. I'll try and get another pack of each.
I think you may have missed them as there should be plenty in stock. No, not in the normal beer section, but in the speciality/er...temporary section. The packs are in bigger boxes, not too difficult to see. It's usually Alan who can't find the Belgian beer.
You should pick up some Corsendonk. It's really good, just a bit different from the Petrus beer. As for the Gauloise beers, they used to have them now and then in Lidl, they're a bit less interesting than the other two...I might get some of the blonde, which I remember being fine...
What David said...I really like Corsendonk, and look out for it when in Belgium, I haven't seen it in the UK. I actually prefer it to the Petrus, but they are both high both, as much as you can at those prices, wish I was there!