Putting water in whisky

Do you or don’t you?

I do, but not before I’ve tasted it neat. Then I’ll add a few drops off a teaspoon and continue until I get to a sweet spot. Don’t put in more than half a teaspoon to start with or you risk drowning it. Adding more whisky never seems to bring it back to where it was.

The reason for doing it is that it brings out the aromas and can broaden the flavour. Every whisky is different some need none at all, others a full teaspoon for a standard dram.

Cask strength whiskies need it for sure for me. I can’t cope with the burn on something over 55% abv.
When opening a new bottle, I will at least once try with adding a little water (almost drip by drip) to see how the whisky reacts and opens up.

Notwithstanding the above, these days I am more likely to drink straight as on the whole I prefer the intensity and concentration undiluted, and when there is high ABV I take micro-sips.
Yes, often as much as 50% of the volume of whisky, and always with cask strength whiskies. I seem to lack the technique or discipline to just take tiny sips of the high ABV stuff.