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Whilst the 16yo is a decent benchmark Malt the general release range isn't that interesting with the 8yo, 12yo and Game of Thrones edition and occasional Distillers Editions. The Feis Ile releases are expensive from the outset with the common supply and demand issues of sought after whiskies.
The 12 year old is a yearly cask strength release and I was under the impression that it was highly regarded. I've not had it before and am considering buying the 2016 Anniversary release for £105 using a £35 gift card that I received. Much more affordable, and one I had considered, in the peated vein, is the Longrow Peated for £50, but I already own the Longrow CV so that made no sense. The retailer had an Old Malt Cask Ardmore 20 yo for £95 but we bought the last bottle (along with some other bottles) for a friend who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I picked up Lagavullin 16 yo for a "Reduced to Clear" price of £30 at Waitrose a couple of weeks ago, which at the time of purchase I considered fair value. The problem is I have been drinking very decent whisky recently which is totally different in style such as Port Charlotte 10 year old (this is their best expression yet and I will forgive the ugly bottle) and it is hard to go back to non-artisinal products.

Lagavullin 16 should be amazing, their 8 yo 200th Anniversary was great - a very interesting dram - freshness and at a decent 48% ABV (and glad to see that they are now bottling this as regular production). Yet the 16 yo is IMHO a waste of time. On the nose some cold meat, smoke, ash, smoke and on the palette, well there is no excitement really whether drunk neat or with a little water added, and no mention here of finish as nothing really to comment on. The chill filtering and added caramel have not really helped this at all. I wish they could bottle their 16 yo in the same way they do their 8 yo - however it is a flagship Diageo product so they won't :confused:. Was it worth buying at the reduced to clear price? Just about, although it is deadly dull in comparison to Port Charlotte 10 yo.

P.S. To be fair the 16 yo is not quite as bad as mentioned and there is a finish of sorts. Not really my cup of tea though.
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Another good peated whisky is Ledaig 10. This is made at the Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull as their peated version.

In the past both Tobermory and Ledaig were worthy whiskies but little to get excited about In my opinion. However they have upped their game significantly recently. They are both now bottled at 46.3% and are non-chill filtered. I have a mini of the Tobermory 12 in my next order and will be buying the Ledaig again. Loads of phenolic notes, very ashy.
Bunnahabain Moine is a decent peated Single Malt. Bunnahabain don't use peat on most of their range but this is an exception. It is a reasonable 46.3% and natural colour and non-chill filtered some integrity there.
Currently only whisky in the house is Lagavullin 16yo as I have drunk through Glenlivet NAS by making Highballs. Really don't like the Laguvullin 16 - so much so that I even tried to make a Highball from it - and it was much worse than using Glenlivet. I am currently sipping the Laguvullin 16 neat - I just think it is so underwhelming in terms of flavour profile, little depth, no complexity, short finish - even if I got this for £30 marked down in a clearance at Waitrose, I regret the purchase.

Need to bring some of my office stash home where at least I have Port Charlotte 10yo (I love this), Arran Sherry Cask NAS (yes!), Bunnahabin 12yo (decent but don't love it).