Return of the silly little things that annoy you thread

I suspect this has been covered before, but I find my Facebook feed is now full of "Your friend So&So likes..." followed by a clickbait sheet where someone has fallen for the "Bet you can't name a fish without an A in its name/Name one sweet they don't make anymore/Give us your security data" type question
I have in the past added comments telling people not to get sucked into this nonsense, but that of course just propagates it even further to annoy my friends too.
All the dogsh*t on the pavements around here. Some of them are gigantic! It’s like being in Paris. It’s great that lots of people got dogs during lockdown (we’ve got 3!) but is it really that hard to clean up after your dog?
Apple IOS 15:mad:
Having not had an new product /original idea since Steve Jobs’ passing it seems all development effort goes into moving stuff around and making everything less intuitive.
I witnessed it first hand with SONY and am sure the edge of the cliff is closer than Apple think.
Apple products! "So much easier to use" my arse. My wife has a Mac and I feel like throwing it against the wall everytime I use it. The hardware itself is good, I dont disupte that...- the software sucks though.

"Where did you put my photos?" I want to put them there.... where did my file go? etc etc
Windows Update.

When it runs in the background it uses enough processing/bandwidth to interfere with what I'm trying to do. So I only use it when I'm not doing other stuff, and it sits there for ages thinking about something rather than just getting on with the task.

I've now turned it off completely. I might update occasionally according to my own schedule, but this particular machine is rarely used so 50% of my time on it was spent doing updates
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Restaurants whose website or menu is a fecking Instagram account, for which you need an account in order to view their effing menu (See Tofu Vegan restaurant in another thread).

Not everyone subscribes to Twatter or InstaTube or FaceGram
I presume that this is down to poor CMS on the website. FB and IG etc go to great lengths to make content upload easy and if you have a daily changing menu, then I can see that it makes it easier for the staff. It is annoying, though.
The phrase "called it out". Seemingly ubiquitous in business settings, for years I parsed "out" to have the same sense it has in "I spoke out about such and such", meaning the phrase had a similar meaning as "to declaim". Only relatively recently I understood it to rather have the same sense as a tennis ball being "out", as in, to find a situation wrong or breaking the rules in some way. Not quite sure why I find it so irritating.
Recent driving habits. By which I mean I am sure this is getting worse.
1. Not signalling when manoeuvring / turning / changing lanes.
2. On motorways, more and more drivers overtake in the overtaking lane then pull in to my lane with sometimes less than a car's length difference and in many cases with no car "pressuring them" in their original lane and sometimes in a fair amount of rain. I suspect they think this is good driving / lane discipline; it's not. Now I can't see the road, especially when it's raining.
Motorway junctions that fork the wrong way.

When you go down the M3 towards Southampton it splits into the M27 W (right) to Bournemouth or M27 E (left) to Portsmouth. Except that it doesn't. You have to fork right for Portsmouth. With my sense of direction, this is almost painful. And it must require an extra unnecessary bridge. It's the same as you go round Birmingham on the M42 and join the M5. You're heading west and to go south on the M5, which should be left, you have to turn right.

Is it just me?
Grouping people together and allocating a personally trait to them based upon belonging to a specific group.

Eg: True life example after taking my kids to an archery club, "You'll find archery people are very nice people". Maybe the people in Norway who saw the recent attack might disagree..

"Wine people are good, kind people". Really? I know some complete throbbers who happen to drink wine.
"Dog people are ...." FFS. Seriously?
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