Rhône 2018

In many ways, if you like sensibly-priced, traditionally-made N Rhône Syrah from the big four appellations (ie including St Jo) then it’s probably a good strategy indeed to trust John A. There really aren’t many people making that style. Cross off the big guns (Chave, Jamet, Rostaing, Clape, Allemand, Gonon etc) and the list rapidly shrinks.

There are not many that I do (or would) buy that A&B now doesn’t import. Faurie, Lionnet, Clusel Roch, possibly Dumien Serrette, Gripa, Jasmin, Burgaud, Barge, Sorrel. I’m sure I’ve missed some but certainly it’s not a long list.
I am absolutely outraged that my allocation for Pierre Gonon St Jo has been slashed to a paltry three by TWS. (Joking :)). There seems to be a more equitable approach being taken & let's hope it is appreciated by beneficiaries.
3 Gonon and 6 Moulin de la Gardette Gigondas, so 75% of what I asked for.
May well top up the Gonon( red and white) when VT offer emerges.
Jim - how do you always pull your Gonon trick off - I'm impressed? I got 3/4 from TWS, but like Russ zero Gonon, even though I have been a regular buyer over the years and well before it became the latest fashion. First world problems as they say. I got my Dumien-Serrette though, so all's good ;).
Got 5 Blonde du seigneur Vernay, 6 St Joseph Clos Florentin from JL Chave (and 1 Gonon from a shop in Lyon)
Had to take a 12 packs of cotes du rhone mon Coeur from Chave (if somebody wants to take them...)