NWR RIP Pete Shelley

just heard this sad news, suspected heart attack, only 63.

Shelley was important to many of us of a certain age, I know, and it is always sad when someone who has contributed so much dies so young. We seem to be entering that time of year again. But it’s scary as well that, whilst some live long, others don’t.

Seem to think he was involved with Devoto in organising the first Pistols' gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall (without which, etc), as well as his own weighty musical contribution. They also got together again recently I think? Oh Shit.
Most upsetting. He wrote some of finest, beautifully crafted pop songs, which still resonate down the age. Gideon Coe is playing a few tonight & later will play one of the Peel sessions. It's been a tough year.
I still have a brilliant ehem LP of the first lineup with Shelley and Devoto...stonking rendition of Boredom (Bdum Bdum). Always remember having to turn the volume down on Orgasm Adict if my parents were around.

Been listening to lots of Bowie last week as was laid low with a tendon injury, and contemplating the almost inevitable sad news of this season of supposed good cheer. Shelley, Roeg, hopefully not more.