TN Room Temperature Manzanilla

I didn't have anything in the fridge so I opened a Sainsbury's Manzanilla sitting in a wine rack in the warm kitchen.

It is really lovely. The nose is huge and so is the palate which is very long.

A budget wine of course but very nice indeed.

I reviewed it on the other forum and seem to recall that I was unimpressed with the Sainsbury's Manzanilla.

I quite liked this wine in this bottle chilled as well.

There is a wino saying: "Buy white wines warm and sell them cold."


I see that Sainsbury's Manzanilla is now produced for them by Williams and Humbert. I last tasted "it" when it was produced by Emilio Lustau.

This is much better - even after chilling to compare like with like. It has much more of a Manzanilla nose and palate. But given the new producer it could just be a case of a much fresher wine that has not been sitting around.

£5.50 75cl
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