TN Rose Roundup 2018: 36 wines tasted including a kosher selection

For years (in my ignorance) I always thought of rosé as a cheap and cheerful wine; now it is one of the main wines we stock up for ahead of summer. Either provence or some good producers from the Languedoc.

Interesting what you say about the provençale style becoming the more popular style. I look at those deep coloured rosé wines and shudder.

Funnily enough I think the Miraval Brangelina wine opened up some people to rose. Imagine my shock when even my mum turns up with a bottle (she has never purchased wine in her life). "Its from Brad Pitt" she said.
The Mirabeau Etoile was recently discounted by Sainsbury’s. As it was ‘16, I left it alone. Another mistake, it seems.
Current fave rosé: Tempier ‘17.
And hopefully I will secure some Bernard Baudry, next week.
I think going to Provence seeing vineyard after vineyard of rose producing wine makers. No lavender to be seen anywhere. They also mention 2000 years of history in making rose. I too used to hate rose as was used to the crappy example people often buy in the supermarket, but when you buy quality it really is made for summer. Never previously realised that rose can be complex and you can apppreciate terrior..

Tom Cannavan

Yes, I think the phenomenal growth of the very pale Provence roses has really changed the game. I too used to think that - with a handful of notable exceptions - the great bulk of rose was confected and very unappealing. Now I rather appreciate rose - and of course this weather helps considerably.
A good rosé is always a delight and my first brush with good rosé came from the 1998 vintage, from the hands of a Charles Melton 'Rose of Vinginia' and a Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Chile.

A recent discovery for me is a Spanish rosé from Jumilla. The 2016 Olivares Rosado from Finca Hoya de Santa Ana is grenche-based but has 30% mourvedre and that, I suspect, has a hand in giving this dry and satisfying rosé some heft. It's probably less expensive over on your side of the pond but for a shade over £7 at my end I cannot argue with the value.


Cheers ............... Mahmoud.
Great list! I've been quite impressed too with the Mirabeau offerings at Waitrose - otherwise, anything from Roubine or Ch d'Esclans is likely to give pleasure, I'd have thought.

Majestic were selling Peyrassol by the case which we also like, but they may be sold out by now. A lot of the best rosés de Provence only seem to make it over here in v. small quantities however, more's the pity...