Rum advice

I made a terrific rum and raisin ice cream at the weekend using Greek Corinth raisins and the last of some 8 year old dark(ish) Bacardi rum I found in the cellar, I’m guessing left over from a teenage party of many years ago. What rum should I buy to replace it? I won’t be drinking it but may look for, and would appreciate suggestions, other recipes including rum. Thanks.
Dark as in spiced? I got my brother a bottle of Rumbullion from Ableforths a few years back and he loved it. Sometimes available on discount in the usual places.
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No, not spiced just a brown coloured one as opposed to a clear, normal Bacardi style. My dad was a huge fan of Wood’s 100 proof Navy rum but I fear his devotion was to the 100 proof part, rather than any special quality of the rum itself! As I say, it’s merely for culinary use so probably not crucial but I’d rather not waste money on a complete dud.
Pear flaugnarde is a simple but satisfying pudding I make regularly and uses rum. Paula Wolfert has a recipe. Havana Club Anejo seems fine for the purpose and is inexpensive.

Years ago we acquired a bottle of Bundaberg on our travels. It ended up being deployed in a variety of dishes, the most pleasing of which were a sticky lime sauce for smoked brisket, a lamb and beetroot masala, and a panettone bread and butter pudding. (I have enjoyable memories of my MIL tasting this last and suspiciously asking what it had been ‘laced’ with.)
Bundie is famous here in Auz, but it’s not great on a world scale. We always have a white bottle of Havana Club in the house and usually a 7 year old as well.

If it’s a basic dark rum you are after then Mount Gay would be my recommendation. The basic rum is superb, with the XO being a step up and worth the extra money.

A lot of rums are manipulated and have a lot of added sugar, but from memory this is one that’s 100 % natural.