Saint Archer Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter w/Mexican Chocolate (12.5%) - on cask -

Served in a 12oz snifter at the brewery tap.

In the few months we've lived in San Diego, Saint Archer Brewing Co has become one of our favourite places to visit. Never mind that they're now owned by MillerCoors (whose influence so far has been to put more time and effort into SA's "Tusk & Grain" barrel-aged series); Simply, Saint Archer are putting out some bloody fine beers. Their Mosaic IPA (9%) is a masterful beauty, which (in my mind) makes the much-adored Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing seem rather ordinary.

And, they're equally stellar at producing cask ales, which brings me to this review. Starting with a nose of chocolate and bourbon, this barrel-aged porter presented a lovely smooth, creamy body, which was not too thick or cloying.

Flavours of light aniseed and roasted chestnuts began the taste profile followed in hot pursuit by Black Jack's with a slight nuttiness. Mild bourbon notes and smooth milk chocolate matched with rich, velvety red plums complimented this beautifully well-balanced cask beer. This was more like an old ale than a porter and was a total delight.

Saint Archer are really pushing out the beer envelope and the San Diego brewing scene is much better for it. image.jpegimage.jpeg