Saison Dupont (6.5%)

Caged and corked 375 ml bottle, served in a 12oz glass at Stone World Gardens and Bistro, Escondido, California.

I'll keep the introduction brief as we all know that Saison Dupont is the clear benchmark in any discussion about Saisons, with a recipe dating back to the 1950's.

Michael Jackson was responsible for alerting the world to Saison Dupont and it's a good job he had this vision as the beer was close to being dropped by its brewers, Brasserie Dupont, when Michael discovered it.

So, to begin with, Saison DuPont began with a yeasty, lemony nose. This carried on into the taste with a refreshing tight carbonation, almost tingling on the tongue. Lemon rind and lime made an entry, as did notes of white wine.

Yeasty esters were also noticeable alongside freshly sliced Golden Delicious apples with a touch of spice coming into the dry finish.

A gem in every single way. Think Saison, think Saison Dupont.

I happen to be drinking one now...interesting mix of flavours (quite bitter)...sweet then dry...I have to say I've always struggled with the carbonation. I've ordered some Moinette Blonde from the same brewery, which should be very nice. I wonder if the beer is slightly different in the above bottle from this 330ml one...