Silly little things that delight you

Not sure if this qualifies for this thread, but a couple of years ago I was bought this decanter which, on its own, is pretty chunky. But the basket in the foreground takes ice/water and fits underneath the decanter so your decanted white wine does not warm. Have rarely decanted whites in the past but now getting more frequent, usually a rewarding step, as with today's Polish Hill.
I've been told that I'm not allowed to buy jigsaw puzzles anymore. However, I've already decided that the jigsaw for next Christmas will be a u-boat submerging into a grey sea, with grey skies and some mist present. I have time to track one down.
The very idea of such a jigsaw existing and of a grandparent buying one to torture their grandchildren with, in itself, is a silly little thing that delights me! I know, I'm a terrible person.