Silly little things that delight you

I sometimes burst forth with a little chorus when making things* with 'Nduja: " 'Nduja, 'Nduja, it'll go right through yer". For some reason this annoys the family** greatly.

* ideally several times per week
** majority vegetarian, although I don't think that is the reason for their annoyance.
Our family refrain goes something like;

”Chimichurri, chimi chimi churri, turns your bum to slurry”…..
I gave my 8 year old grandson an old-fashioned transfer set for Christmas, and he has just sat down to do it. He is utterly absorbed and has been concentrating on this for over 30 mins! Not a hint of electronics.

Conjures up memories of the triple-width elvish wood one which was always the most popular among my friends in my youth.

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What a blast from the past, I had completely forgotten these but they gave much pleasure many years ago, amazed they still exist.
Maybe we need a thread dedicated to nostalgia? For example, I remember the days when a small sheet of unpopped bubble wrap was a very precious treat!
Well, there you go! Every day's a school day...
Watching random youtube videos and ending up down a rabbit hole where I am now marvelling at the sheer brilliance of what NASA achieved during the moon landings. Especially in the context of my team at work struggling to achieve some feeble, singular task that should take 5 mins.