NWR Simon Beatty R.I.P.

Very sad. But so many fond and happy memories not least a couple of lunches this year, one celebrating older Alsace wines, an interest we had in common. I'm lost for words.
Desperately sad news. A Bon Viveur in every sense and someone that bought much joy to WIMPs over a number of years.

He will be sadly missed, condolences to his nearest and dearest
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What sad news. Simon was a gentle and very kind soul. The Loire dinner he arranged at La Trompette (and provided all the wines for) will remain in my memory as one of the very finest offlines I've attended. RIP Simon.
Whenever I saw him in passing at events he was always smiling and jolly. Whenever I sat next to him at dinners or lunches, his wry sense of humour was inevitably to the fore. As others have commented he was always ready to share both his wines and his experience and if ever I thanked him he would usually reply with a comment along the lines of “that’s what wine is for dear boy”.

A lovely man. RIP
Very sad news. Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of dining with Simon that regularly, but always enjoyed his company immensely when I did so. Simon was on my table at my very first WIMPs lunch (Tuscany theme), and I recall him being very warm, welcoming and encouraging towards me at that lunch. Rest in Peace Simon.
Very sad to read this news.I have fond and good humoured memories of Simon.Ever present at the burgundy tastings.
I admired his knowledge of burgundy and love of Chablis, especially Raveneau which he seemed to have a never ending great collection.
Sharing a grand cru Raveneau,Rousseau and others over dinner in York did leaves us both slightly worse for wear one evening,resulting in me catching the wrong train and Simon waving me off,clutching a half finished bottle of Sauternes for his journey home to Newcastle.
Rip Simon.