SITT London this week

Anyone going?

im looking forward to it after a few rounds of trade tastings that seem to be scaling back, im actually dare i say excited to try a bit of variety.

really looking forward to the ERT "Zone" as its always nice to hopefully try something new

i fell in love with some Georgian wine many moons ago @ the LWTF and im hoping for something silimilar this time
I was at the Manchester SITT today.

The ERT zone is about 90% Turkish this year - you could easily spend all day tasting Turkish wine, and I very nearly did myself. Fun to explore, and some good and interesting wines. Sarah Abbott was hovering around to help in the promotion of the Turkish producers, and was kind enough to give me a guided tour of some of the highlights. Otherwise I worked my way through around 4 of the tables systematically. From a low base I learned quite a lot.

Also in the ERT zone was a Croatia table which I enjoyed.

And "Sake at UK", with some amazing old sake, a sake fizz, and a sake-based spirit. I knew very little about sake before, and still know little, but at least I know the fantastic range of flavours that are possible - if you throw enough money around.

SITT-proper seemed less attractive, with many tables offering such a range of wines from different places you really need to pick and chose odd bottles off each table to explore any one region.
I thought it was turkey - sounds interesting

- Sake - i was @ lwtf when they had world? sake tasting or judging - sadly as it was a proper competition there was no info or guidance on the styles or bottles just numbers but as i was glad to be out of the herd i spent a good 40 mins scattergunning the pretty bottles (some were like works of art) and the sheer scope of flavours was mind boggling
NB on the old forum there was a post explaining sake and all its forms - id like to track that down but not sure how??

lots of these tastings agents bring what they are pushing at that moment in time - most ive been to recently i dont think ive seen the best of what i know is on some of these lists.

londons a slog from cardiff but i think its important to get out there - im lucky as im hosting a couple of agents this year @ one of the shops so they will come to us

still nothing like a day out :)
I really wanted to taste the Turkish wines again ( I tasted many of the producers at LIWSF c. 2007 & thought there was much of interest) and to investigate those sakes, especially after this week's interesting Food Programme on sake on Radio 4.
Sadly I got waylaid by needing to visit the dentist.