Smaller bottles

Tesco are now selling Thornbridge Jaipur, but in 330ml bottles. I thought, at least you can still get the bigger bottles in Waitrose, but no. The last time I went in there they had a couple of the bigger bottles left but were replacing them with 330ml bottles. Thornbridge Chiron has already has already had the 500ml bottles replaced with 330ml.

Does anyone know why this is? Are Thornbridge now only selling their bottled beer in smaller bottles, or is this something the supermarkets have requested? Are they protecting our health by only allowing us to buy any beers of 5% or more in smaller bottles?

Or have Thornbridge worked out they are a "craft" brewery and are only allowed to sell beer in 330ml bottles. I assume they will start canning it next. Of course there is more profit in smaller bottles, and more still in cans.

By the way, I did not think my last post was so interesting I had to send it three times. This was a mistake.