NWR Snowdon via PYG

I’ll be interested to see if you get any info, Alex — we were planning to take that route this Easter past, but obviously things got Covid-cancelled.
No it’s not that hard! There are parts which can be difficult when icy but otherwise if you have a moderate level of fitness and reasonable weather you will be fine. Great views on that route on a clear day but it’s very popular and as so many people are holidaying in the UK this year it’s been extremely busy. If you’re going on a weekend or during school holidays I’d set off early to avoid the crowds.
As others have said it's not hard, apart from parking and queuing for the summit. :cool:
If you know it's going to be a beautiful day, set out early and watch the sunrise from the summit.
Almost too many years ago to remember in the 'summer' we camped in the valley below and woke up with frost on our tents. We did the Pig track (as I spelled it then) and the top was not stepped like the images I see today - and even had icy snow on it - not the best visibility either. I got to the top on hands and knees a) as I've no head for heights and b) because it was so slippy. Hard or not will depend on the conditions when you try it - 40 years ago there were no steps but there were also no queues!
Cader Idris also worth a look - stunning views. We went up the Pony Path and back down the Fox's path a couple of months ago (I wouldn't recommend the latter as an ascent - T wouldn't recommend it at all (she had a major sense of humour failure...)). Under 3 hours at a brisk jog - we had a wedding to go to- but would be a nice day if time allows.
Pig/Pyg track is pretty tame really, and better than the Miner's Track. The more "interesting" route is via Crib Goch, but that require a pretty good head for heights!
When camping with my father we saw someone sadly take the quick route down Crib Goch. They didn't survive. It is a nice exposed route though and makes for a much better approach.
If your have moderate fitness it’s a doddle. If you want something a lot less busy which is both more fun and has (arguably) better views climb Tryfan via the north ridge. Probably the best scrambling route in Wales.
Tryfan (including the Adam and Eve boulders on top), then onto Bristly Ridge, then the Cantilver and back via the Devils Kitchen. A really good days yomp.
Some good advice there. We did it and it was easy. Not too busy until the top. I think going early helped us there. Plenty of young children on the trail. Didn't bother queueing for "the well" at the top. Quite a fun descent to the miners track which was then quiet (and dull) once you got down the the lake. Ticked off the list. We enjoyed it a bit more than Scafell Pike.
Of course we arrived at the bottom ready for a drink to hit the period between 3pm and 4pm that the bar is closed!


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The coastal path here in the East Neuk of Fife is an incredibly popular walking route, but never over-crowded, with several peaks over 50 feet for those without crampons or a head for heights :)
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