NWR Songs worth listening to all the way through

I remember when my kids first got iPods/iPhones that, when listening to music, they didn't even seem to have the attention span to listen to a full track, never mind an album.
As it’s a rainy Sunday here and the pond’s not going to get dug, thought I’d winkle out a potential pearl from the internet-attention-span/brainwashing thread and ask which songs ARE worth listening to all the way through. There arent many.

I’ll start with Giant Drag’s “Kevin is Gay”, whose last verse is meowed.

"A Song From Under The Floorboards" by Magazine. Saved me reading Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Notes From The Underground". ;)
That's bizarre Paul as I've just picked up the latter from a random parish church in deepest Shropshire. 50p.

Mind you, if it's owt like his Crime and Punishment* it'll take me 2 years to read, but it looks a bit shorter, so here's hoping.

*Btw if anyone wants a similar shortcut/spoiler for the (latter) latter, the "Crime" happens on page 9 leaving the remaining 990 pages a bit of a slog.
If you don’t listen right to the very end of Urban Spaceman, you'll miss the twist that he doesn't exist.

To take another example, the same is true of Ashes to Ashes. In this internet age, I'd be very worried about anyone who hasn't found out that to get things done, you'd better not mess with Major Tom.
Well, there are Glasgow bands and there are Glasgow bands. If this is not worth listening to all the way through I really don't know what is.

The Small Mercies - Live!

Exquisite! They would be really good if they could play in tune or sing.

Still not a patch on a band I saw at Sydney Uni back in 1983 called Those Difficult Belgians. Mercifully their lead singer didn't attempt to actually sing, merely contenting himself within various squawks, yelps and mumbled drivel. They’re probably old enough to put together a double-headed bill with your candidates.
I've no idea if you are joking, but if not, you certainly got further than I did. I can only imagine the drummer not playing would be one small improvement :)
I wasn't joking. The first ditty lasted just over 10 minutes, after which the drummer walked off and the guy with his back to us mentioned a toilet break. I didn't want to ridicule it too much in case I was being politically incorrect. ;)