St Peters G-Free

500ml bottle 4.2%

Aroma is pilsner type with light citrus, hint of sour milk. Taste is bitter-sweet with citrus flavours of lemon, lime and orange with menthol. A touch of sourness. Not much malt balance. Finish is short and dryish with some citrus and more menthol. Leaves a lingering, mildly unpleasant astringency.

I picked this up in Tesco in the "free from" section while I was looking for stuff for my wife who has a problem with gluten. I was curious to see how it tasted. This is half a good beer and half a bad one. It has decent hop character from the Amarillo hops but is thin with little malt balance. There are also some odd not particularly pleasant elements here. I managed to finish this but would definitely not buy it again. If I had a gluten intolerance I think I would go with cider and wine rather than beers like this.
I have just tried Brewdog Vagabond another one of Tesco's gluten free beers. This is 4.5% in a 330ml bottle. This is in the style of a USA pale ale. It is hoppy and fruity, with grapefruit, orange, lemon and mango noticeable. A touch heavily carbonated. It tastes like a cross between Dead Pony club and Punk IPA. Like the former it is a little bit thin in body but is a good beer. Unlike the St Peters, I wouldn't have known this was gluten free.

Gluten-free beers appear to fall into two categories. One is to brew the beer with barley but extract the gluten. I don't know how they do this. The other is to brew with cereals other than barley. The Brewdog beer falls into the former category. I find this type of gluten-beer is much better than the other type. The Vagabond is worth buying in its own right even if you don't have a problem with gluten.