St Peter's Organic Best Bitter

I've always ignored these because any brewery that spends money on a fancy bottle is either making me pay for it or compromising on quality.

It would appear I'm wrong as this is a cracker. There's a woody, buiscuity nose that almost verges on smoky. This carries through to a malty taste that echos that rich nose. It needs hops and, as I prefer, they do their job without being intrusive. The finish is rich with wood smoke and butterscotch.

Now technically this beer is faulty. The wood-smoke-butterscotch is diacetyl from a cool ferment (I'm guessing). But I'm some beers it works (see Deuchar's 'IPA'). And it really works here. Was being sold off in my local Waitrose for £1.50. I love being proved wrong!
I buy this quite regularly. It has a refreshing bitterness, with a touch of astringency. I have no idea what diacetyl from a cool ferment is. I did read somewhere, some years ago, that organic beers tend to be drier than non-organic. I don't know if this is true, but this beer tends to bear that out(although I don't think the organic ale is as dry)

I think their beers are generally pretty good. I have just drank my last St Peters Christmas Ale. I would recommend this, although I did not see it anywhere last year.