Storing Spirits (Cognac)

I'm new in here as quite frankly I don't drink a lot of spirits but lockdown is allowing me to expand my drink choices.
I also have a new storage unit where I can stand bottles up which led me to the question about should you store Cognac in a cool, dark cellar type environment ideally.
I only have two bottles left over from a trip to Cognac nearly two years ago (One is an 80 year + matured and the other a 20 year old XO).

My thoughts have always been to store them upright. Correct ?
Should I put the couple of bottles of Gin in there as well or no value at all in using the space ?

Store spirits upright and away from direct heat and light. They are pretty robust. If it is in a box/tube keep it in that. Spirits can glass age but not in the same was as wine - less predictable. Corks can deteriorate but no probs up to about 20 years in my experience.