Sub £10 gems.

It's that time of year again in the Hynes household that thoughts turn to paying for a summer holiday which seems to go up by a few hundred pounds every year and all the other bits and bobs that rack up over the summer like student travel passes and uniforms, you know how it goes, I'm sure I'm not alone and I consider myself lucky to have the life and people around me that I do and certainly don't want to come across as wallowing in self pity but the fact remains money is tight at the moment and will stay so now until at least August when the thought of Christmas rears it's head again.
So I thought I'd start a thread asking what people consider the best bargains around at the moment in the wine world. As a budget/affordable wine has a wide sweep of scope, especially on a forum where lots of members never seem to drink anything under £20 and a treat is a 30 year old Burgundy with several hundred pound price tag, I thought for purely selfish reasons we could keep it sub £10, as that would be affordable to pretty much everybody who can afford to drink wine.
I'll get the ball rolling with a few really good value wines I've come across recently.
The Society's Exhibition Côte de Brouilly 2015. Really good value. Beaujolais for me is region which has great value right across the board. It used to be really unfashionable, perhaps because there's still a generation who just think of Beaujolais nouveau whenever it's mentioned. I think that's slowly changing and prices will start to go up soon.
Domaine Gayda Flying Solo Red. Leon Stolarski used to sell this and now seems not to which is a shame because I've bought really good value wine off him a few times and used to use Domaine's like Gayda to make up the bulk of an order and then throw in a few more expensive wines from the likes of Domaine Treloar to complete the order.
Ravenswood Lodi old vine zinfandel. My tastes have changed a lot over the years but I've always loved this and probably always will. It's really consistent across vintages as well.
Aldi's Toro Loco. I put this as it's the perfect dirt cheap bbq wine that none wine enthusiast friends and myself can all drink and be happy. To be honest, if I have a bbq with friends or family I'm always cooking anyway and it's the company that's important, not the wine, so I never bother buying the expensive stuff anyway.
For whites, I love the Society's Gruner Veltliner but I tend not to drink a great deal of whites.
None of these offer great complexity just solid value in my opinion.
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The fresh & medium-bodied Laderas del Tietar Garnacha (14%, £8.50, TWS). From the mountainous Sierra de Gredos region near Madrid, made by Jimenez Landi.
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All the wines suggested by Tom in his recent Lidl reviews have got a thumbs up so far, in the context of sub-tenner category.

Mrs D bought 4 bottles of the Lidl collection for her Dad's birthday and he thought the Val de Salis St Chinian at £7.99 was superb as well as the Duca di Sasseta Montepulciano, £9.99 (However, this is a man who never spends more than £10 so I suppose the "superb" needs to be viewed in context to this).
Plus 1 for Kinley's Masciarelli. Based on recent purchases I would add:

Truly Irresistible Barbera 2014 £6.99

Luberon Notre Dame de Cousignac 2016 £6.50
Rioja Glorioso Crianza 2013 £8.25
TWS Prosecco £9.95

Savour Faire d'Autrefois Mourvèdre 2013 £7.99

Vermentino di Sardegna Nord Est 2016 £7.99
Diemersdal Estate Gruner Veltliner 2015 £9.99

La Ficelle de Saint Pourcain 2016 £10.75 (BBQ blend of Gamay and PN in a fun bottle that's worth the extra 75p!)
As an habitual bottom feeder, this is a thread I feel qualified to add to.
Asda Wine Atlas Feteasca Neagra has to be in the mix, at around £5. Medium bodied, structured, fruity and good with or without food.
Majestic Fouquet Vouvray cuvée de Perruches. Off-dry, not very long but very versatile. Around £10 on multi buy.
TWS Billi Billi Grampians Shiraz £9. Benchmark.
Sainsbury Chinon (forget name) is unchallenging but a treat when the sweetness of most sub 10 reds becomes a little cloying. £8
Sainsbury Taste the Difference Greco di Tufo. Rich and interesting. £10 or less on offer.
Majestic Definition Rioja Reserva 2010 is better than it needs to be at £10.
TWS Saumur brut. Perfect summer drinking at £9
TWS Vinho Verde. Ditto. £6
Vina Albali Gran Reserva from Valdepenas (Felix Solis) is often on offer at Morrison's at under a tenner.

Muga Rose at Waitrose was £9.99 last time I was over.

And Cederberg Chenin Blanc at £8.99 from the same.


Few easy wins - should be fairly easy to track down via indies or online.

Dom Menard: Cuvee Marine - circa £10 - Gasgony White sexy as hell and a great siummer white.
Mont Rocher: Viognier - circa £9 - probably the most consistant wine ive sold over the last 6 years
Azulejo: Branca £8.50 - lisbon almost v verde esque wine only 9.5%abv so a real glugger too fresh and racey

Baglio Gibellina: u passimiento - circa £10 * if you have not tried this you are missing out - easily one of our best selling wines for the last 2 years ripasso method from sicily
Baglio Gibellina: Frappato - circa £10 softer lighter and more cherries than the u pss
Ciu Ciu: Bacchus - just over a £10 but well worth a case deal to bring it under - its a50/50 sangiovese and montepulciano and is probably my fav and go to wine for all occasions where several ofo the same btls are needed.
Azulejo: Tinto £8.50 - lisbon resh 2 indiginous varietal touch of PN
Great thread for me too, esp. now that nursery fees have kicked in. Thanks for starting it Kieran!

A few I keep coming back to:

Salvaje de Moncayo Garnacha - £7.95 (TWS)
Bricco Rosso Suagna Langhe Rosso - £8.50 (TWS)
Sipon Furmint, Dveri Pax - £9.95 (TWS)

Sainsbury's TTD Languedoc-Roussillon white - often £6 on offer (the red is also decent but the white's a really pleasant drink I think)
Sainsbury's TTD Greco di Trufo white - around £7 or £8 when on offer
Co-op Truly Irresistible Barbera - £6.,99

I'm planning on buying a mixed case of 12 sub-£10 bottles from TWS when I get paid. Will try to add a tasting note for each one to this thread.
A few from Waitrose:

Ara Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc (When on special offer, which seems to be a lot!) Typical NZ Sauv blanc, but better than others.
Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz , nice simple shiraz.
Waitrose Romanian Pinot Noir , simple pinot noir but gluggable.
Waitrose Crisp and Floral Italian Dry White , a sitting in the garden on a sunny day wine, great for poaching pears.
Torres Viña Sol , a perennial favourite in our house.
These are great recommendations guys. The Salvaje de Moncayo Garnacha and Coop Barbara have been praised in this thread and on the forum more generally quite a bit. I've tried the former and thought it good but the latter sadly isn't available locally to me.
Bolton and the surrounding area is strangely vibrant with decent local wine merchants but when it comes to something like Waitrose there's none at all. I can't even think where the nearest one is.