Supermarket promotions 2021

Tom Cannavan

Ray - you will find £12 discounted prices around if you want to try a bottle - Majestic (but only if you buy six) but I would be *fairly* confident the Joshua label in Sainsbury and Rhona label in M&S are the same wine.

We've had a couple more from the case I bought at £10 as mid-week tipples and it is very satisfying at that price.
Well, If I must stay on theme at Wimps I may even splash out the full price.
TC gave it a solid review and Dan’s CdA reference is some praise!
Though sometimes this can be an outcome of just being.... “Blummin thirsty”:)
We have had a couple of bottles and agree it is excellent vfm, may not be quite lean enough for your pin point palate, Ray, but it is a perfect summer garden drink I reckon.