Supermarket promotions Q1 2022

Aldi Lebanese Red reduced from £7.99 to £5.44. Probably a decent midweek wine for most on here though I have certainly had it on a Saturday night in the recent past. Well worth it at that price and always nice to have in the house when my daughter asks if I have any wine I can give her away saving my better bottles for myself.
Drunk alongside bison chilli sausage.
A cracking match.
Pale ruby; warm, brambly, upfront fruit; an attractive baked ruggedness, spicy red fruits; brusq finish. 87 points. (++ with food).
Designed for BBQs.
Aim will be to head to local store tomorrow & hope there’s some left at the discount.
Has anyone noticed fine wine sector in Waitrose stores have been nearly half empty for weeks now? Mostly the French wine. If they can‘t get their delivery soon maybe we won‘t have much to buy even they put on 6x 25% off sale.....
Slightly off piste but there was very little prestige champagne in any of the Duty free shops I passed through on the way here. No normal DP at all. Bangkok, Singapore and Doha.
I was surprised to see this week in our local rather unsalubrious Sainsburys that Grande Marque NVs were generally getting close to the £50 mark.
Vina Eguia Gran Reserva 2012 for sale at £5 in Asda.

Made by the Muriel stable.

I seem to remember Majestic stocking this at around £14/15 and occasionally reducing it to £9.99 on special offer but that must be 7 or 8 years ago now, possibly longer.

Probably not the best Gran Reserva you’ll ever drink(!) but worth a punt for a fiver.