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Hey all,
I'm doing some business with my Italian cousin. The other week he brought a selection of wines over and we did a few taster sessions with some restaurants and got some really positive reviews. We want to start bringing more of this stuff into the UK from Italy but we're struggling to work out tax/VAT prices.
Can anybody inform us on what prices we'd need to pay?
Thank you.
There's a lot of stuff available if you google. (You will also find the details regarding taxation payable on the samples you brought in.)

Are you sure you really want to be importing wine if you need to ask this question?
There are always opportunities in selling wine: producers whose wines are not available in the UK, restaurants looking for new suppliers or interesting or attractively priced.


The economics are difficult - shipping costs are comparatively high for smaller quantities. That's both getting wine from Italy to UK, and then onward distribution to individual restaurants.

There's lots and lots of good wine out there - and nobody needs the stuff that you have found. Ask yourself - what do you have that differentiates from all of the many other suppliers? Is it the wine?(and something about it has to be really really special) Is it the strength of relationship with the restaurants (family?)? Are you willing to slog from early morning to late at night to sell, to deliver, to collect payments? If there is nothing that makes you different, don't waste your time/money/energy.
To answer the question, the current rate of VAT is 20% and the duty amounts are discussed in this thread What is the UK duty on a bottle of still wine?
You will need to understand the vagaries of the system, because there are some instances where a lower rate of VAT can be paid, but I don't know that it would apply here.

Apparently the paperwork involved is excessive, and you'll probably need to consider in-bond storage (pre-tax & duty) unless you think the wine will sell through very quickly.
There is also the small matter of acquiring a licence to sell alcohol. Or is this not necessary if you sell only to licensed buyers?
Not to mention getting AWRS approval from HMRC.

Restaurants are always super keen on new suppliers, especially if those suppliers are keener on their wines than their credit control.