NWR The crow dross (anag. 9) thread

Hahahah! I had NO idea that was a wine. I just wrote the first pronounceable word from the anagram as a wind-up. Haha thatbback fired!

I’m glum can’t seem to do crosswords anymore. Like you had no idea of the last lot put up here. I can still,knock off the AZED but that’s about it.
No, no sorry, that wasn’t the answer it was just the world’s simplest anagram....

Another from the current Private Eye:

Weinstein, not popular, amazingly takes Private Eye for a drink (5,4)
A trio from AZED 2385
Two are winey answers, one has a wine in the word play.

Wine: a dash of red with chicken is set before husband (7)

Fizz, tons taken about first in race. Ascot perhaps? (6)

This will be imbibed in some do copiously (5)