NWR the Cycling Thread

Some of the forum know, but the cyclists may not: sadly I lost my brother aged 56 to a heart attack whilst out cycling practicing for what would have been his 6th accent of Mont Ventoux. He died doing what he loved , only 200 yards from the church where his mother and other brother are buried. Here is footage already put together from a previous trip, of the Ventoux and Rhône villages many of you will recognise.
Apologies file too big ! (It’s only 4 mins if anybody would like to see it please what’s app me) i think it’s well produced to some notable music

Edit, I will get the originator of the file, to see if they can upload it.
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Sorry to hear about your brother David, it must've been a shock for your family, but as you rightly said he died doing something he enjoyed. 5 ascents, that is impressive.