The latest on BrewDog's production facility in the U.S.

I wonder if this is just a step too far. After all, if Tesco couldn't make it in the US how are BrewDog going to succeed in an already saturated craft beer market? Maybe they'll eventually sell out to Coors or the like.
Stone recently laid off 60 people from their main house, stating competition as one of the reasons - that and Stone Pale Ale 2.0 being a commercial disaster (since replaced by Ripper Pale Ale).

It's an odd time for BrewDog to build this brewery as clearly the Brexit result turned the pound upside down and magnified the cost of this Columbus, Ohio venture.

We lived in central Ohio for 20-odd years, so I'm pleased for all the beer fans that BrewDog are setting up shop there - following the decision by Stone not to build their east-of-the-Mississippi brewery in the region - but as we've said, competition is rife in the U.S. Craft Beer world and it'll be fascinating to see how BrewDog copes with it.
Most Brewdog beers I've tried have been poor facsimiles of American style IPAs, so I don't see how they can succeed in the country which creates, by far, the best examples of such beers.