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Ah, well I really hope you enjoy it. It's a cafe, basically - but I really like the authenticity, and the real mix of different things. And it's so remarkably cheap - we always bring stuff back to eat on subsequent days when we eat lunch there.

I think the Spanish wine bar up the hill from Everest, and on the other side of the road, is supposed to be very good , too (if it's still there).

Also the Turkish place towards New Cross (is it Meze Mangal - years since I've been, but very good).
PS: one thing I'd say is not to bother too much trying to work out what different things cost, and what's in a set meal, and how much it costs to add stuff... just order everything that takes your fancy (perhaps a set meal and some other things), and be amazed at how inexpensive it is. We've done this, and come away with some leftovers in takeaway boxes, astonishment at how cheap it was, and affection resulting from plainly having not been overcharged whatsoever despite being unable to read the scribbled receipt at all or having understood the prices of things. Laughing - this is one of the things I love about the place!
Meze Mangal is very good - up the hill towards New Cross way.
L'Occulto is a great Spanish restaurant - highly recommended - lots of wonderful off-piste wines and hearty food.
There is also in central Lewisham Levante.
Theo’s also has a branch at the Elephant. I think it’s excellent and we go there quite often. Interesting that they might do corkage.

Another vote for Cafe East and obviously Masters.

Recent other places we’ve enjoyed are Kricket in Brixton - slightly creative Indian food (samphire pakora?), and Paladar on London Rd SE1 (quite near masters) - really good slightly elevated South American food and cocktails. They have a small garden at the back - we had a meal out there on a warm summer evening and surrounded by brick walls and underneath the blue sky it felt more like the East Village or something than SE1.
By the way, Paul, despite your icon on this forum, I expect you - as a wine pager - to spend a good six hours negotiating a wine corkage deal at Everest Curry King, another six debating which wine works with Sri Lankan food (while pretending not to hear people who say "lager"), a further six tracking down the recommended riesling that for all its hints of spiciness will be ruined by the food, and at least as much time again debating whether Musar is the answer amid confusion about whether that means red or white. Anything less shows a lack of commitment to the forum.
Guy - good advice - perhaps at about 22:30 on a Saturday night as well? Im sure the gentlemen of New Cross and Lewisham would enjoy joining such a robust debate. I;ll wear my cravat and monocle as well.
A top, hot tip is Mama Pho in Evelyn Street; walking distance from Surrey Quays.
We discovered it a few weekends after travelling to Cafe East, nearby, and finding it closed as they'd gone on holiday (anyone wanting to to experience the spirit, if not the food, of properly traditional, provincial restaurants in France where the food is great but they close when the family goes on holiday should go here...).
Anyway, it's fantastic - and unlike C-East, they serve beer. Hurrah.
Really fantastic food, so wonderfully fresh.
Our mango salad, for instance, was just superb - wonderful. My only regret is that neither Marie nor I ordered Pho.
They were very friendly to little George, who despite being three years old put serious dents into all dishes. And afterwards we went to Decathlon where young children can try different scooters (we tested the various inflatable camp beds).
Seriously, this place is outstanding value (menu on website), superb food (see reviews), and a great find.
Incidentally, looking at their wine selection, the mark-up on the Fleurie (if it's the one it appears to be) looks pretty modest to me... though I'd personally favour cool beer!
+1 for the Bromley chapter of Sanxia Renjia, it’s excellent. Slightly further out of the town centre, I’ve also had some really memorable curries in Tamasha. Also the Indian restaurant next door to David Bowie’s childhood home by Sundridge Park station - can’t remember its name.
The best restaurant in Bromley, which is also very good by any standard, is Sanxia Renjia. There are several of these sichuan restaurants around London and Jay Rayner reviewed one here (this one also in South London, in Deptford): Sanxia Renjia, London: ‘Enough excitement for a month’ – restaurant review

The dishes are really delicious, and the Bromley staff very friendly.

I keep meaning to try the Deptford one - but it looks pretty grim from the outside... which I know is not a good reason to not try it. Now my kids are getting really stuck into their foodie stuff I think I'll be taking then off soon for some pig intestines and chilli.
I got to try Guy D’s recommendation for a Vietnamese restaurant in Deptford - Mama Pho - and I can report that it is very good. Very much a cafe rather than a restaurant although that is no drawback. The pho broth is properly fiery too, at least in the version I had!
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L'Oculto on Brockley Road is about 50 yards from my house and I finally made it to eat there last night. It seemed really excellent to me although I'm no expert on Spanish cooking. The kitchen team are all Spanish although the restaurant is owned and run by a charming lady from Rochester. Wine list has clearly been put together with thought but is very natural, as is the way in this neck of the woods. Highly recommended although not inexpensive.

Also I had an excellent experience at Sparrow in Lewisham. I'm heading back in a couple of weeks so will report back then but my first visit was very good with competent and inventive cooking without any funny business.

Sanxia Renjia seems to have either closed or been renamed last time I drove past.
I finally got round to trying Chupitos in Welling a couple of weeks back and would recommend.
Decent tapas menu and all dishes were very nice. Might try going back for their Sunday roast at some point.
Wine list was a little limited/ambitiously priced for this part of town. I went for a Cerro Anon Gran Reserva 2010 which they charged £40 a bottle (I had bought some from Majestic recently for £12.99 but was interested to try it)
Has anyone tried Cabrera by Lee station? It’s a fairly new steak place located where the Curry Garden used to be.
Some of my friends recommended it although their foodie prowess isn’t always the most reliable.
I lived that way most of my life (and my folks are still in Lee) so will try giving it a shot some time