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It's a phenomenon in North London too - Hampstead and Highgate are rubbish apart from some of the pubs.

Jin Kichi and l'Antica Pizzeria in Hampstead are both decent, but otherwise I agree about the dearth of good places in Hampstead, Highgate, Belsize Park etc. But we have a young child and never eat dinner out. Hampstead Heath is more valuable to us than restaurants and I'd rather have E5 Bakehouse within walking distance!
There have almost never been ambitious restaurants in suburban London. It will be interesting to see what the future holds now that it is so unknowable.
Delighted to see Marcella in Depford is taking bookings from next Thursday. My wife and myself have eagerly booked in for a semi-boozy lunch on Friday.... the school pickup at 3pm will probably involve the walk of shame (one of the occasions one is thankful for masks to hide the smell of wine).
Right, sarf London is a great place for proper food.
Here are two tips, neither of which serve alcohol (don't know if the latter does BYO) but both are superb with a hangover:

b) Everest Curry King: (note, I have no idea why this references a big mountain in Nepal when its food is Sri Lankan) EVEREST CURRY KING, London - Updated 2019 Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - TripAdvisor

Both of these are exceptional value for money.

I got some food from here last night - been meaning to for a while since your recommendation. What a superb place - the food is brilliant. Got a great selection of dried fish curry, lamb and chicken and then pretty much every veggie dish available.... wonderful. Now this is our default curry place.
Paul, that's a lovely message to log in and find. Cheers!

Delighted that you like it. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and a big selling point is its cheapness and informality, but I love it.

Mrs D and our young son are slightly restrained - they seem to do one mild curry and a few starters that aren't too hot for them. But all the same, we love it there.
Lovely to see @Paul J a i n e s comment on another thread re Everest Curry King. I wish we lived close enough for takeaway!

But it prompts me to mention a recent discovery: Little Vietnam in Wimbledon, which I reached by tram.

Superb food, a wide range of items on the menu beyond the most well known Vietnamese restaurant staples, and a relaxed and friendly café situation that reminded me of time in Vietnam.

What's more, corkage of just three quid or so on a bottle of wine (a Kabinett worked very well). What else to say, except tip generously!
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Went to Sanxia Renjia in Bromley a few weeks ago, and just posting now. It was, as always, outstanding. In my view it was better than Goldmine in Bayswater recently. Perfectly cooked dishes, relaxing atmosphere and charming staff - and it's a cheap eat.

My wife ordered asparagus and prawns, and it was a lovely, delicate dish that would have been lovely with fine white wine (though we had tea). While the more robust things I ordered were excellent, too - sea spicy aubergine with minced pork was excellent.

For example, here's just part of the menu, focused on hubei and schuanese cuisine (although the links say Goodge Street, I think the menu is exactly the same in Bromley): 四川、湖北-风味 - Sichuan Chinese Restaurant in Goodge Street, London

If you want to follow Fuchsia Dunlop's advice on ordering in Chinese restaurants, and have soup, both the spare rib soup and the fish head soups are lovely, very light broths which open up the palate. See: A La Carte Menu - Sichuan Chinese Restaurant in Goodge Street, London

This really has to be one of the best restaurants in South London in its price bracket. Outstanding food, and there are always more things I want to order - keen to try the hotpots.
Too kind. Listen, if it was the right kind of South London restaurant, I might be calling for my photo on the wall, alongside a photo of the local MP eating there with a jowly smile and a dab of dopiaza on his tie.

But I now feel the pressure. I know how Tom Blach must feel when he suggests just how many grams of salt are required for one of his excellent pressure cooker recipes. It's a responsibility, and one I must now carry.

Incidentally, your comment provokes my latent fear that this Bromley restaurant may one day close. It's a curious location.

I should warn... It's not the most atmospheric of places in some ways, so probably best done with a group of people. It never seems busy, including on Saturday lunchtime. A larger group might also allow ordering of larger dishes like hotpots and fish in sichuan broth.
Are there students in Bromley? most restaurants serving this cuisine seem to rely on custom from mainland Chinese students who are particularly keen on hotpot, worryingly for some of their elders who are concerned that it poses a threat to Chinese gastronomy.
Are there students in Bromley? most restaurants serving this cuisine seem to rely on custom from mainland Chinese students who are particularly keen on hotpot, worryingly for some of their elders who are concerned that it poses a threat to Chinese gastronomy.
Hotpot is huge in Thailand. Queues for buffets and for a fairly compact race they can make some impressive effort on the all you can eat model!
Another interesting find... This one came out of a lunch at sometime forumite Mickey D'Warner's, where another guest who's Indian recommend Spice N Ice, in Croydon. It specialises in Indian Chinese food, or Desi-Chindi.

This comprises in Chinese dishes cooked with Indian spices. A fuller (and very full for Wikipedia) explanation is here: Indian Chinese cuisine - Wikipedia

Anyway, we really enjoyed eating here, and exploring a new fusion cuisine. Dishes like cauliflower Manchurian and Mongolian vegetable crispies were excellent. The Hakka noodles were, perhaps, a bit plain to my mind.

The menu is here:

Two tips: I'd be inclined not to choose the traditional UK/Bangladeshi staples (they introduced those to cater to people arriving and expecting the Indian food they're used to), and also you can apparently choose how spicy you want your food - so exercise this. We had our five-year-old son, who's remarkably tolerant of spicy food (or deliberately eats it to lever second portions of rice out of us to temper the heat!), and I suspect they made things fairly mild. But suited Mrs D and young 'un.
Tonight we went to Sajee in Lewisham, on Lee High Road. My young son and I had looked in earlier, puzzled by a Lebanese restaurant offering Indian food according to signs in one window. The owner came out and greeted with such a warm smile that I called Mrs D, and an hour and a half later she joined us for dinner.

It was excellent. I had deep fried mutton rolls, then a really excellent masala dosa, with plenty of potato curry stuffing, and sambal. Little son had idli.

Mrs D had mouhamara, a Lebanese mezze dip made of red pepper and nuts (pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts) etc. Plus baba ganoush (very good) and copious amounts of bread included.

The total bill including a mango lassi, a huge pineapple juice and four pieces of baklava we shared was £33. Very friendly place, and we tipped generously.

It's a great find as the masala dosa was excellent, it's considerably more comfy that the fairly nearby Everest Curry King that Paul Jaines and I like so much, and - great for us - I can enjoy the hot Indian food while Mrs D has Lebanese!
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Good point, poor spelling on my part. I think it was a sambar, though was greenish, with lentils and (I think this is right) drumsticks - those vegetables you scrape the flesh off without fully eating. Plus a coconut chutney, and something else!
You're meant to eat the whole piece and delicately spit out the fibre, Guy. Not as alarming as Bengali fish eating protocols though I can quite see why one wouldn't want to.
I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of some cuisines in India in making wonderful food out of nothing at all. Oh what a world, with so many things to eat in it. I think we'll have dosas for lunch tomorrow, but the semolina version rather than the fermented dal and rice one-though nowadays one can buy ready fermented batter in Indian groceries which is really excellent.
I meant scape with one's teeth inside the mouth! I have to confess, though, that while it was nice to have some in this little lentil dish, the time I once ordered a whole dish of drumsticks somewhere... Eating them soon became rather tedious! Still, would be a good option if you're on a diet!
Today we took a young Indian friend to Ganesha in Downham, between Bromley and Lewisham, to celebrate him completing his masters. He'd told us it was the best Indian resaurant around here... and I think he's right.

It's a combination of Sri Lankan and southern Indian food, and it was superb. Lovely masala dosa served with a little chicken curry and two pastes were excellent; the vada were really good; mutton rolls superb; mutton kottu roti was the star dish, wonderful and with a truly remarkable depth of flavour; aubergine curry had a sour, not sweet flavour, and was refreshing, as was a spinach curry.

A great meal, we came away absolutely stuffed, three adults and a five-year-old, with three different lassis, and a bill of £31. We tipped generously, which they initially pushed back on - though when we said they'd boxed all the leftovers, they said they would give to staff. This must be a cultural difference?

Anyway, absolutely worth a visit. Incidentally, you eat in the back, very comfortably, but we had to ask to do so today... they agreed though, so all good! Highly recommended, best Indian I've had in London I think.
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A slightly belated post, but a superb find a couple of months ago: we went to The Madras South Indian restaurant in Lewisham High Street, towards Ladywell and... it was absolutely superb. There was a very long (and with a small child, and amid numerous take away dispatches rather frustrating wait), but the foot was absolutely fantastic. From the biryanis to the dosas to the kothu roti... all superb and seemlingly freshly cooked (which may explain the wait).

@Paul J a i n e s , it pains me to say it but I think this beats Everest Curry King....

Best indian food I've ever had anywhere... terrific. And cheap as chips - probably cheaper, actually.
I haven't been to Jinjiang for a couple of years as I thought it quite ordinary: the more interesting dishes didn't provide a thrill and the more familiar just weren't particularly delicious.

Vietnam Bar B Grill, in contrast, was more attention-grabbing than the menu might suggest and much better than I could rustle up at home.
We were in Deptford today actually... buy never checked out the above..... Vientman BB Grill is now on our list.

BTW - I notice the area around Deptford train station is changing quite rapidly with newer restaurants taking over from the previous ones. The Taco place next to the station was decent - in a pit-stop kind of way.