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Ended up doing some pro-bono work this morning for some wonderful people, so didn't make it to Deptford or even Lewisham. But instead to another, closer find - and one well worth flagging.

In Penge is a cafe with a difference - in fact, two. It's called Antonella's and while they do bacon sandwiches, English breakfasts and cups of teas, the differences are these:

a) Aontella is Italian and is the cook as well as the owner, so if you have Sunday roast here, the belly pork is in fact rolled with Itlian herbs and garlic, steam cooked, then roasted, then the outside is basted with hot fat, to give a wonderful Itlian, porcetta-style roast. They also offer pan-fried calves liver and (not Italian, I know) stifado, which is homemade and very good. Also a wide range of pasta...

b) Zero-fee corkage (which we offset with a nice tip). They have some wine glasses, though I brought some Riedels - no problem.

So for just over £60 plus tip, we enjoyed a bottle of 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo from Produttori del Barbaresco, a starter of aubergine bruschetta (one was enough for two as a starter), two roast pork (Italian style) with all the trimmings (English style), children's meal of chicken nuggets and chips plus apple juice (we let him choose - and he declined the pasta options, which I'm sure were better... though they could hardly be more authentic renditions of what they are!!), two espressos each and some sparkling water... all in very convivial, laid-back surroundings of a South London cafe. With an Italin lady cooking and her mum taking orders.

I really can't say enough what an unfussy, pleasurable lunch this was. Is this the post-RSJ place for Crozes and Beaujo offlines - and much closer to home, I wonder?

Anyway, a strong recommendation for something that's hard to find: wine-friendly food and BYO that's inexpensive.
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Following an enthusiastic message from a fellow forumite, I feel I should clarify that this place is basically a cafe - it just happens to do a few dishes you wouldn't usually find on a cafe menu, the owner is passionate about food (and Italian), and there is zero-corkage BYO. These things make it attractive to me, and the owner and her mother are lovely, and the owner's a good and trained cook - she's rightly proud of this. But it isn't a restaurant like RSJ at all. My point was merely that relatively inexpensive BYO places allow offlines for less expensive wines to be economically viable - and there aren't many that do wine-friendly food.

Also, they do Sunday roast, a choice of pork (Italian style), roast lamb (English style) and a roast half chicken, as well as stifado and a few other things - and a daily special (though not on Sundays).

So I do warmly recommend Antonella's - very much so! - but want to manage expectations a little. See TripAdvisor here (including the pictures): ANTONELLA'S CAFE AND BSITRO, London - Updated 2022 Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Also see: Antonella's Cafe and Bistro

Incidentally, people on the next table were finishing a brunch - a huge eggs benedict with smoked salmon that looked superb. So we may go for brunch next time!
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