NWR The "What are we listening to?" Thread

Yes I went back to Idiot Prayer early this week, its quite something! It requires some attention though, I find the soundtracks (of which there are so many!) easier.
If you try to work to Idiot Prayer it just washes over you (I have), but alone and fully focussed it is for me a very moving and beautiful record. I'm not sure I want Cave to continue in his recent vein (though he has reason enough) but this album is certainly one of the greatest expressions of stark naked emotion that I own.
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. album was one I held in my hand in many record shops back in 1977/78 pondering whether to buy it or not. I had been told they were good but never took the plunge. Now that I've discovered I can get Spotify in my car I have been pulling up albums I never bought and this was one of them. Big regrets I never bought it back then, as its a brilliant listen. I might even buy it yet.
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Continuing on the theme of listening to singles/albums I held in my hand in record shops but never got round to buying, I have been listening to The Saints "(I'm) Stranded". What a brilliant album it is too. Especially with the volume control at 11 :)
Loving the debut album by Coriky, Ian McKaye's (Minor Threat, Fugazi) new band. As someone in the comments section of this track said, it's like Fugazi's softer side. Melodic, but with that characteristic hard edge. And, naturally, very political lyrics.

Continuing in the "Spotify in the car" theme, one that I did buy on release but haven't listened to in about 35 years is Sandinista! by The Clash. A bit mellow and slower-paced than the 3 preceeding albums but I'm really enjoying it. Much more reggae and dub influenced with a smattering of jazz, I feel that I need to dig out the vinyl and get it on the turntable.
A nice New Year freebie, from the excellent Analog Africa label. A free 17 track sampler of 'Samy's Favourites'...

I want to personally thank all of our community for helping us when we need support, its really a blessing to know we can count on you to make our label better and as a way to say thank you and to start this new year on a positive note I made a small selection of some of my favourite songs for you. this little gift is the least we can do :)

We wish everyone a gorgeous New Year and a wonderful slide into the new year and may the new year bring you and your loved ones health and happiness!!

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I went down a Pub Rock/Funk/Soul rabbit hole yesterday on Tidal. Ended up with the very underrated Moon. A 70’s funk/soul/pop band that made two albums and then disappeared. Fronted by a really good vocalist, Noel McCalla who went on to sing with Mike Rutherford (on Small Creeps Day) and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, amongst others. I think I saw them in about 1976 supporting The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver.

Inspired by the idea of exploring things that passed you by the first time, Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music For The Mind and Body.

Yeah, ok for the most part. Some interesting arrangements and some things that would eventually become “classic” psychedelia. Put into the shade by Bless Its Pointy Little Head that followed.